Starting a Blog

If you didn’t know I had started a blog, you wouldn’t be here. So let’s cut to the chase: starting a blog is hard. I’m not talking about thinking up content, or even navigating the site, but actually starting a blog that is aesthetically appealing is near-impossible without money. Did you know that in order to upload your own theme, you have to be a Premium member (which is a minimum of $4/month, charged yearly, for a total of $48 a year)? Or to have your own domain name (eg. you need to spend even more money for some site to host you?

Well, if you’re reading this, you’ll surely see I took the cheap route. Because I’m a broke college grad who’s still on the job market** and can’t afford to drop nearly $60 on a blog I’m likely to abandon soon, anyway.

I want to take this seriously. I really do. But without the monetary resources, I don’t have a ton of motivation. The purpose of this blog is to get me motivated, but I’m not yet sure of how to get started. I’m thinking this’ll likely end up a montage of my amateur photography (i.e. every pretty plate of food I eat) and posts about how to not be like me. I’m told I give great advice; my struggle is in following that advice.

I guess we’ll see! I’ll try anything once and, to quote my boyfriend, “I know you’re making a blog right now because whenever you set your mind to something, it’s all you can think about.” Hopefully this most-recent obsession produces something of value.

**Please contact me for my resume if you’re sincerely interested in hiring me!


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