Review: Online Closets

I’ve been online shopping since I got my first job at 16. There’s something so appealing about being able to sort and filter clothing with just a few clicks, as opposed to flipping through racks at a store, hoping the sweater that caught your eye is available in your size.

Online shopping also has a downside – the inability to try clothing on before purchasing, combined with flaky return policies can often lead to the accumulation of clothes that don’t fit well. This, unfortunately, results in a lot of wasted money, and causes many to turn to reselling these items. You’ll never get full value at a yard sale, and if you’re buying clothes online, other people must be. So the logical thing to do is to turn to online thrifting apps such as Poshmark and Vinted.

This was my train of thought; I didn’t want to throw out (donate) clothes new with tags, or with lots of life left in them, so I listed many on Poshmark and Vinted. I haven’t made a ton of money on either app, but I will provide my pros and cons for each below.

Pros: More exposure, higher-quality items, one shipping cost
Cons: PM takes a large % of your earnings

Pros: Clean new look, lower prices, multiple shipping costs (lowest is $3.89), easier to upload items, better categorization
Cons: Shipping bundles can get expensive

Overall, I’d pick Vinted over Poshmark. I’ve had an account for a relatively short amount time, but have sold several more items than on Poshmark. It’s really hard to keep up with uploading items to both sites, so if you visit my profile on either you’ll notice the same items on both, with more listed on Vinted.

Feel free to check out my closets (linked above)!


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