Mini-Vacation: Queen Mary

My boyfriend’s birthday was this past week, and he’s a huge fan of all things paranormal. Growing up, his father took him to many haunted sites, including the Queen Mary. This year, his mom booked us a night on the ship as well as a dinner at St. Vincent’s.

I’d never heard of the Queen Mary, but in its heyday, everybody who was anybody took a trip on the luxurious liner. It was eventually acquired by the military for use during WWII, then sold to the city of Long Beach for permanent docking. Its many years of service came with many deaths on the boat, and so it is widely believed to be haunted.

We took a Ghost tour of the ship a few hours after arriving, then explored the Engine Room:


After the tour, we went to the top of the ship for dinner at St. Vincent’s. It was, in all seriousness, the nicest restaurant I’ve ever been to. The waiter placed my napkin on my lap for me, we were served a palette cleanser, and the service was altogether phenomenal. I had a NY steak, garlic mashed potatoes, and veggies, while my boyfriend had Beef Wellington and the same sides:

I had such a great time on this trip, and highly recommend visiting if you get the chance. I didn’t see any ghosts, but many have reported sightings of little girls, brides, soldiers, and more. It was an interesting and educational trip, and I’d definitely go back!


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