Review: Electric Brush Cleaner

By now, you’ve probably seen a video or post about this trendy new product. An electric brush cleaner that promises to clean your brushes in minutes. My boyfriend bought me one similar to the one shown below for my birthday.

Brush Cleaner.jpeg

It has been, without a doubt, life-changing. I used to spend 45 minutes to an hour hand-cleaning all of my brushes, then hours waiting for them to dry. I thought I’d speed up the process by hanging them upside down from a towel rack, secured by hair ties, but they still took around 24 hours to dry fully.

All you have to do is place a brush in one the rubber grips, attach the grip to the device, then dunk it in some cleaning solution and flip the spin switch. The whole process takes less than a minute per brush, and it leaves them full dry almost immediately.

This type of brush cleaning is truly revolutionary. If you’re interested in the exact one I own, comment below and I’ll have my boyfriend find it!


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