My Quest for a Letter Board

I went to a Target, two Walmarts, a Ross, and a Kohls last night in search of a letter board. You know, the thing that’s been all over your Instagram discover page? I saw a post in a Facebook group about there being $4 clearance letter boards at Target, so I figured I’d go check it out. I looked for about an hour before I asked an employee and she said they only had a small square one at $16.

I googled “letter board” and saw in Google’s shopping previews that Walmart had a few for sale. I got excited since there’s a Walmart just across the highway from Target – and I’d seen letter boards there a few months prior – and had my boyfriend drive us over. I looked there for a solid 30 minutes before realizing the ones I’d seen online were only available online. Feeling defeated, I asked to go to Ross as a last attempt. Nothing.

My boyfriend asked me to do another Google search and I found that Kohls had some in stock. On our way there, I remembered reading that most of the larger Walmarts carried them, and there happened to be one just two minutes away from the Kohls. I wandered around for about 15 minutes, found their craft section to be abysmal, then left.

We got to Kohls at around 10:15 PM knowing they would close at 11PM. Imagine my sigh of relief when I found the letter boards, and at 50% off! The didn’t have the exact one I was hoping for (square, black felt with white letters), but I found a cute wood-framed white letter board with black letters. The cashier let me use a 15% off coupon I found online even though it wasn’t supposed to work with already-discounted items, and I walked out only having paid about $13.

Was it worth it? Considering all the gas we probably wasted, and the mental strain it put on us both, my answer is no. Am I happy I finally found what I was looking for? Absolutely. $13 is a steal for a letter board worth $30+ originally. Plus, I’m having fun with it:


If you don’t get this reference, please leave.. (jk, but it’s a play on “It’s Gonna Be Me” by *NSYNC if you really didn’t know).


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