Review: Possibly the Best Work Bag Ever

The first time I heard about the Dagne Dover bag, I thought it was just another Facebook scam. It looked like exactly what I needed – a stylish accessory with a keychain, a water bottle holder, and tons of pockets – but it came at a steep price. I wasn’t impulsive enough to drop $200+ on a bag I had never seen in real life, so it stayed in the back of my mind as a sort of future goal.

I remembered this goal a week or so ago when I realized my purse had become a black hole of McDonald’s receipts and gum wrappers. I’d considered getting a purse organizer from Amazon, but thought it might look tacky, so I went to Poshmark in search of my dream purse.

Surprisingly, there weren’t very many options. I didn’t know much about the brand, so I made an offer on what I believed to be the Classic (the medium-sized model with a laptop compartment). It turned out to be a gorgeous, white pebbled with gold hardware Mini tote (no longer sold, but a similar model to their Midi) for pretty cheap. Having scored it for a great price, I kept it despite it being smaller than described. It also came with the cutest little cardholder, which I use every day.

I then went on to look for my true dream purse, the Onyx Classic (currently sold out). With my teacher discount, I could get it for around $200, but I still wasn’t ready to drop so much money on a purse I wasn’t sure would be just right.

I found an Onyx Legend tote (the largest they have) and haggled it down until I could afford it. I spent soo much less than what I might have paid for a new one, and this one was supposedly only used a few times over the course of a couple of months. It just arrived today and I have to say, “I’M OBSESSED” because it’s seriously so amazing.

The Classic and Legend both have three pen loops and a sizeable laptop compartment. Mine has a gorgeous cross-hatched linen look. It has SO. MUCH. SPACE. Perfect for a hoarder like me! I can hold a water bottle, a laptop, a tablet, a Moleskine notebook, headphones, lip balm, hand lotion, my wallet, my card holder, my keys, my pencil case, my various cords and chargers, and so much more, with room to spare!

Hopefully, someday, I will either have the funds to buy myself a new Classic, someone will buy me a Classic, Dagne Dover will send me a Classic (*pretty please*), or I will miraculously thrift/Posh one for a decent price. Let me know if you have one for sale, and I will seriously consider it!


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