The Power of Double Cleansing

My mom was in town recently, and she introduced me to the practice of double cleansing. It’s pretty simple, really. You apply your cleanser, rinse, then do it again. Follow it up with toner and moisturizer, and you’re done! I thought I had combination skin: dry patches and oily spots. However, she explained that it’s possible my skin is actually just really dry and gets oily as a sort of overcompensation.

I started using a Cerave cleanser (non-foaming) with this technique, and my skin has cleared up a lot. I think it may be because a quick cleanse and tone just wasn’t getting everything off of my face!

Since updating my skin routine, I have actually been getting a lot of compliments. It’s been less than a week since I began, and people have already started telling me how clear my skin looks! My texture has evened out, as spending more time on my routine has helped to displace a lot of the sebum that had built up, and my complexion has a more even tone to it.

In sum, I’ve found that it is crucial for those with dry skin to double cleanse twice daily (morning and night), as well as tone and moisturize. It’s up to you whether you use a cream moisturizer, a serum, an oil, or all of the above.

For more information on the power of double cleansing, check out this article by Elle! They do a great job of explaining the technical benefits of double cleansing.


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